Perfection through experience is the way Bill views and treats every mount that is brought into our studio. He has won many awards throughout the years and you can be sure every mount is treated as his own. Rest  assured  the finished mount will be a beautiful work of Wildlife art. His skill and knowledge of wildlife not only through taxidermy but his love for hunting and fishing makes his work stand out above the rest.

A mount by Bill will be a beautiful addition to your home, game room or office for years to come, yet our prices are very reasonable. 50% deposit is required on all work.

We will be more than happy to  mount all your taxidermy needs. Please call or E-mail us about the price of the specimen you are interested in. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
PHONE:      985-872-4628

We do North American               Exotic
             Fish                                    African Game
             Birds                                  Rugs
             Skull Mount                     Antler Mount
             Shellfish                           Tanned Skins
             Alligators                          Snakes
             Fish reproduction
Habitat Bases, small and large.
Our prices include cypress driftwood on fish and birds.